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The International Opportunity

Historically Australians have over invested in domestic equities at the expense of international equities. Many feeling comfortable with their investments being closer to home, in a company they can connect with and read about in local media. There being a feeling of greater understanding of the political environment and the domestic economy and the [...]

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High Court brings Binding Financial Agreements into the spotlight

A surprising decision in the High Court involving binding financial agreements where 2 agreements were set aside by the court for various reasons. In Thorne v Kennedy, the deceased husband's legal personal representative (LPR) and his aggrieved surviving wife arrived in court on appeal with the widowed wife hoping to have the 2 agreements [...]

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The Emotion of Money

Human attitude towards wealth, savings and investment For those that have never had money or have not been used to holding significant quantities of money it's possible there may be something in the subconscious holding us back from making more. It's almost as if money is a bad thing and getting more of it [...]

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Aged Care is a complex area – seek professional help

To be admitted to an aged care facility you will need to be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). You can usually book that through your GP or a hospital. Once the assessment confirms residential care is required you can then begin to approach facilities and discuss admission. While you're spending the [...]

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Investment Strategies in Retirement

Along with all the decision-making about how to change to retirement status, it’s very important to think about how you should invest in retirement. So as you look ahead to retirement and create an income plan, you should also consider factoring in the following investment strategies. Strategy number 1: Beware of inflation With retirement [...]

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